Tuesday, March 9, 2010

William and Hannah (Holden) Green

Third Generation
William Green was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1669.
His marriage took place on 9 Mar 1727. to Hannah Holden.

Hannah was born in 1707, the daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Lawrence) Holden. Her father and two oldest brothers were held captive by Indians for almost two years.

The children of William and Hannah Greene:
William: b 25 Dec 1727,d 39 Nov 1809;m1 Ruth Colburn;2. Hannah Woods
Simeon: b 15 Sep 1729,16 Sep 1813;m.Marey Shattuck
* Jonas: b 15 Mar 1731;
Hannah: b 4 Dec 1732;m. Jeremiah Hobart
Abigail : b 18 May 1736;d 5 Mar 1766;m. John Sheple
Benjamin: 20 Aug 1739;d.23 Jan 1776 of sickness in the army; m. Ruth Keep
Nathaniel: b16 May 1742;13 Oct 1760 in army
Elizabeth: b 17 Jun 1745; d 31 Aug 1745

William Green died 7 May 1778. His will lists him as yeoman, and mentions bequests to his children:
William, 6 shillings 8 pence lawful money; to heirs of Benjamin, deceased, 6 shillings 8 pence like money; to Hannah Hobart 6 shillings 8 pense; to heirs of Abigail Sheple, deceased 6 shillings 8 pense - all to be paid in six months after his decease.

Item. I hereby order my old mare to be & remain on the Farm for the use of my wife and the family living in the house if my said Executrix after named shall think proper.
All the rest . . to my beloved wife, Hannah Green whom I hereby appoint sole executrix . . . . 1 June 1776 [signed X William Green his mark - the will probated 9 June 1778.]

Hannah died 3 Sep 1797, and she too left a will, dated 25 Dec 1793:
that once all debts be paid a bequest to her grandchildren, Jabez Green, Benjamin Green, Ruth Bradish, Edee Lakin, 6 shillings to be divided equally and paid within one year. To her childreen: Hannah Hobart - one half of my wearing apparell, and the other half tothe daughters of Abigail Sheple, deceased. The rest of her goods and estate to be divided and shared by sons William Green & Jonas Green, by daughter Hannah Hobart and heirs of daughter Abigail Sheple, deceased.
“Allowing my Grand Son Leonard Green, to have as Good a Share with the said William, Jonas, Hannah and the heirs of Abigail Sheple Deceased; as he would have had by Law if this will had never been made. Providing the Said Leonard Shall live to arrive to the age of Twenty one years. Excepting the ware-ing apparell. But if the said Leonard Should be taken away by Death before he arrives to the age of Twenty one years, then his part is to be equally divided between the afore mentioned heirs.”
[Her sons William & Jonas, Executors. She signed her name Hannah Green]

Both William & Hannah (Holden) Green are buried in Sec III North, of the Old Burying Ground in Groton.

Questions raised by Hannah’s will and the mention of one particular “grandson” - Leonard. There is no documentation of a grandson by that name, however we note that at the time the will was written (1793), Leonard who had not reached age 21 would have to have been born after 1772. Jabez Green is listed as a grandson in the will but not on the updated list of grandchildren, also Ruth Bradish - so since Hannah’s son Benjamin Green (whose wife was Ruth) had two children mentioned by Hannah ( Benjamin & Ede) and they had three more children, names unknown - perhaps ? Ruth Bradish, Jabez Green and Leonard Green were theirs?????