Saturday, March 20, 2010

James Lenley and Eliza (Kenney) VanAmburg

Seventh Generation
James Lenley VanAmburg was born (a twin) 8 Sep 1856 in Pubnico, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. He married Eliza Kenney on 8 Feb 1876. She was born 14 Dec 1858, the daughter of Levi Kenney.
Their children:
* James Forman: b 1876
Clifford: b 1879; d 1955; m. Alice Stanlake (ch Eugene, Alice, Earl, Pauline)
Ardella: b 12 Sep 1880; m. William Seeley
Rupert Lee: b 1883 Clarks Harbor; d 1962; m. Nellie Spinney
Hildred: b 1893; d 1932
Edwin Rivers: b 4 Apri 1889; d 9 Jan 1928
Eva: b 22 Aug 1886; d 2 Jan 1968; m. Dolph Spinney

Short and of a stocky build, James Lenley “Len” VanAmburg was a sea captain. Shipwrecked in the Caribbean, he was given up for lost for almost a year before he returned.

They moved from Cape Sable Island in 1891 and lived in a house on what was to become Ardnamurchin Club property. It has been called the “old homestead” and then they moved to the house in the photograph above. The “old homestead” property was sold by Len to a family group from New York and Philadelphia. (The Ardnamurchin Club facilities are expanded and still in operation.) Len was handy with tools and built several small boats, dory type row boats.

Eliza (Kenney) VanAmburg left this life 28 March 1906, at age 46.
James Lenley VanAmburg, died in his home, 25 Feb 1909, 55 years. Both are buried in Mt. PLeasant Cemetery, Argyle, Nova Scotia.