Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THE DELOREY LINEAGE: From Thomas on . . .

The chronology of travels for our third generation was an illustration of the fact that even in the military, families were families, and moved together . . . but it did omit a few points . . . . .
Thomas & Marguerite (Segouin) Jacquet dit Delorier
3rd Generation, cont.

Thomas Jacquet was born b 17 Nov 1725 Rouens, Normandy, France. Once in New France he did adopt the dit name of Delorier which continued to be used in succeeding generations with a variety of spellings.

His marriage took place in Laveltrie, Bertier, Quebec on 19 Jun 1752 to Marguerite Segouin. She was born 2 Dec 1727 at St Sulpice J’Assomption, Quebec, the daughter of Jean-Germain & Marie-Louise (Quay) Sigouin
Their children:
Nicolas: born 16 Apr 1753, married Madeleine LeBlanc
Charles-George: born 9 Mar 1755; married Francoise Sauvage
Marie-Marguerite: born 24 Dec 1756
Alexandre: born 17 May 1759
*Jean-Baptiste: born 18 Aug 1763; married Anne- Agnes Coste
Alexis: born 18 Jan 1765; married Agnes Pitre
Benjamin-Thomas: born 19 Jun 1771; married Felicite Gautrot

4th Generation

Jean-Baptiste was a farmer. Born at Ile-Dupas, Berthier, Quebec on 19 August 1763, he married twice. His first wife was Ann Coste, the daughter of Claude & Marguerite (Vigneau) Coste. Married about 1783 their children were Jean-Baptiste, Marie, Anne, Joseph, Susanne, Felicien. Following the death of Ann, Jean-Baptiste took a second wife.

That second wife was Madeleine Landry the daughter of Jean-Baptiste & Anne-Josephe (Pitre) Landry who was born in Pisquid, Acadia, Nova Scotia. Jean-Baptiste & Madeleine had more children:
Hilarion: born about 1802; married Marguerite D’Orly
Anne: born 25 Jun 1811; married Pierre Perrault
Marguerite: born 12 Oct 1813;m1. Jean D’Orly;m2. Pierre Bonnevie; m.3. Victor Gautrot
*William (Benoni): born 6 Jun 1816 ; m. Anne Parou
Marie-Sophie: born 12 Nov 1818; m. Policarpe Girouard
Honore: born 10 Oct 1820; m. Marie Riley

Jean-Baptiste departed this life in Tracadie, Nova Scotia about 1840. Madeleine had preceeded him about 1831.

to be continued . . . . . . . . .