Friday, March 19, 2010

Ebenezer and Abigail (Goodwin) VanAmburg

Sixth Generation

Ebenezer VanAmburg was born about 1836. His marriage was to Abigail Goodwin. She was the daughter of John and Anna (Nickerson) Goodwin.

Their children wereborn in Pubnico, Nova Scotia:
* James Lenley: b 8 Sep 1855
Orlando: b 8 Sep 1855; d 17 Aug 1929; m. Lucetta
Ebenezer & Abigail both died in 1862

From Orlando’s daughter, Helen (VanAmburg) Morton -
“Í have heard my Dad say that his father & mother died when he was 7 years old, and he lived with an uncle until 10 years old, he had learned to dress fish on a boat by that uncle. When 10 he borrowed 5 dollars to pay his passage to Boston or Gloucester, I forget which. He was hired by a gruff old sea captain. What about the rest of the family? I don’t know. And about the uncle’s family & did he have other uncles or aunts. Relatives but can’t remember the connection. In Dad’s family there was Uncle Len [Orlando’s twin brother James Lenley, my great-grandfather], I think another brother, Johnny? and aunt Belle Goodwin who had 2 children, Elva and Erland who at one time lived where Uncle Len died, across from Seeley house.
[Arg yle, Nova Scotia]