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As in many families, you will notice the spelling of the name changes over years and even within generations. The dit names in French Canadian lineage are for the use of identifying those of similar names. Sometimes the families continued the dit name, others reverted to the original.
1st Generation
Martial (born abt 1664) & Marie (Rouchault) Jacquet: they were married at St-Marie-la-Petite, Rouens, Normandie, France
2nd Generation
Jean (1864 Rouens)& Marie-Catherine (Gaufre) Jacquet dit Desloriers: they were married on 29 April 1721, in St-Marie-la-Petite, Rouens, Normandie, France. Their children were: Ann Francoise, Marie- Jeanne, Jean- Francois, * Thomas,Joseph Louis Melon

3rd Generation

A Chronology of His Life & Travels (against a background of events) : Thomas Jacquet who enlisted in the French Troop, went to Canada and took a dit name.

18 Nov 1725: Baptized at St-Marie-la-Petite, Rouen, Normandy, France
1748: Beginning of the French & Indian War
19 Jun 1752: Married at Lavaltre, Berthier, Quebec
16 Apr 1753: First child (Jacques-Thomas) born at Trois-Riviers, St-Maurice
15 May 1753: Bought a house from J-B-Henri Berange officer in the Marine
25 May 1753: Sold a house to Simon Clapier Serg. Co. Dumas
12 Jan 1754: Bought a house from mother in law
May 1754: Washington fired on the French; Jul 1754: Washington surrenders Fort Necessity
30 Aug 1754: Rented house to Joseph Godfrey
9 Mar 1755: Second child (Charles-Georges)born at Trois-Rivieres, St-Maurice, Quebec
7 Jul 1755: Rented house to Michel Leclair (Louis Pillard)
Jun 1755: Ft. Beausejour surrenders to the British; Jul 1755: French defeat Gen Braddock; Dec 1755: Battle of Lake George; May 1756: England declares war on France
Aug 1756: Ft. Oswego surrenders to the French

24 Dec 1756: Third child (Marie-Marguerite) born at Lanorie, Berthier, Canada
Mar 1757: French attack F. William Henry; Aug 1757: British abandon Louisburg; Aug 1757:French capture F. William Henry.
6 Oct 1757: Sold land in St-Jean-Baptiste, while at Chambly, Quebec
Jul 1758: French repel attack on F. Ticonderoga; Jul 1758: F. Louisburg surrenders to the British; Aug 1758: British capture F. Frontenac; Nov 1758: French abandon F. Duquesne
17 May 1759: Fourth child (Jacques-Antoine) born at F. Chambly, Quebec
Jul 1759: British capture F. Niagara; Jul 1959: British capture F. Ticonderoga; Sep 1759: Battle on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec; Sep 1759: Quebec City surrenders to the British; April 1760; French victory at Ste-Foy; Sep 1760: French surrender Canada.
12 Jul 1761: Fifth child (Alexandre) born Ile-Dupas, Berthier, Quebec
Aug 1762: Havana surrenders to the British; Feb 1763: Treaty of Paris ends the War.
18 Aug 1763: Sixth child (Jean-Baptiste) born Ile-Dupas, Berthhier, Quebec
18 Jan 1765: Seventh child (Alexis) born at Berthier-en-Haut, (Berthierville), Berthier, Quebec
19 Jan 1771: Eighth and last child (Thomas) born at Arichat., Richmond, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

After the fall of Quebec in 1760 in order to stay in the country, he retired from the army. After a stay of a few years in Arichat, Nova Scotia, the Jacquets, now called DesLauriers, settled at Fortune Bay on the Isle Saint-Jean (today P.E.I.)
Tradition says they built a schooner, then in 1787 some members of the family obtained a land grant, in the amount of 700 acres, in the port of Tracadie, Nova Scotia, which from then on became the main location for the family. The five sons married, produced 25 sons.

The last reference we have to Thomas Jacquet dit Delorier was - that around the time of the French Revolution it is said that Thomas Jaquet returned to France to claim an inheritance and was never heard from again.

Military assignments/duties
Acadian land grant information, deeds: dates
Personal, anecdotal information.

Succeeding generations to follow . . . . . (as they usually do ) . . . . .