Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is an introduction of me and the three generations preceeding me (yes, I am the baby on my father’s knee in this 1930’s photograph). All will be seen in more detail from time to time.
Barbara Mae (VanAmburg) Delorey : more than you want to know is on my web page
Robert Archibald VanAmburg: b. 6 Nov 1904 Clarks Harbor, Cape Sable Island, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia; d 22 Jul 1991, Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Ruth (Smith) Nickerson : b 2 Jun 1848 at West Head, Cape Sable Island; d 23 Oct 1939
James Lendall Nickerson: b 16 May 1847; d 5 Sep 1940 in Clarks Harbor

Ruth and James were affectionately known as Aunt Ruth and Uncle Lenny, a source of puzzlement for a very young great-granddaughter! Uncle Lenny owned the Sea View Hotel and was a longtime postmaster in Clarks Harbor, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia . . . much more to come about them and the Nickerson branch..

Funny how memories are triggered - working on the computer to examine an enlarged photograph reminded me of a very young ME, helping Dad develop film and to print photographs in a cellar darkroom in our Whitney Rd, Medford home. Dad was an avid photographer, and the chemical process of developing and printing films was fascinating to me.The room was in the corner, next to the coal bin, long benches on each side with trays of chemicals, the big enlarger at one end. As the process began, the light in the room was changed to the one with the red bulb - it seemed like magic to watch. I can still see it!