Sunday, February 14, 2010


ANOTHER BRANCH (with a Nickerson Connect)
Of the many descendants of Ralph Smith, Archelaus Smith was the first to take up habitation on Nova Scotian shores.

The family was the first of two to arrive on Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia around 1760. Archelaus was a man of imposing stature and capability, fisherman, tanner, shoemaker, surveyor, magistrate, exhorter, he was called a good, quiet, easy man and ”his gifts were a boon to the settlement”. Elizabeth had a more energetic temper and is described as a tall, masculine woman. Archelaus officiated at religious meetings and burials when there was no preacher in the settlement.

Their arrival was a bit eventful, for Archelaus had sent for his family to come from Cape Cod to Barrington. Owing to evil reports about the Indians, he sent a message to his wife to the contrary. However, as fate woulfd have it, as he departed through West Passage his wife and four children came in East Passage in Capt Eldad Nickerson’s vessel.

Fishermen at the head helped Mrs Smith, they made a log cabin and left what provisions they could. Storms prevented Archelaus return that winter with food and his house frame. The Indians helped her at times - and she fought off bears with firebrands.

bap 23 Apr 1737 Chatham, Massachusetts; d 23 Apr 1821
m. 16 Jul 1752 by Rev Stephen Emery, Chatham
NICKERSON, ELIZABETH: b 15 May 1735 Chatham, MA; d 2 Apr 1828. She was the daughter of William (Redstockings) and Sarah (Covell) Nickerson.
Susannah b 1755; d 24 Apr 1827 Cape Sable Island;m. 1767 Joseph Atwood
Hezekiah b 1754; d 16 Feb 1834;m. abigail Doane
Mercy b 1758; d 1845;m. John E Cunningham
Eunice b 1760;m. Henry Newell
*James b 6 Oct 1762
Stephen b 15 Dec 1764; d 23 May 1826;m.....1. Sarah Hinckley;m..2 Mary Larkin
Archelaus b 19 Aug 1766; d Feb 1836; b 19 Aug 1766;m. Prudence Hamilton
Hannah b 1 Mar 1758;m. 1. Daniel Vincent; m..2. ___ Coffin

[where you see * on the list of children this denotes a direct ancestor of my family]