Friday, July 29, 2011


This is a shameless plug for an organization I have been active in for more than 35 years – Daughters of the American Revolution. As I reread what I wrote back in the 90s I note that all still applies, and the growth of the organization into the computer age has been both rewarding and phenomenal.


In this beloved organization I find all the things that touch my heart in the myriad opportunities for service in state and chapter organizations. Here I truly find and can recognize, the soul deep patriotism and love of country that is an innate part of me. Here I can share these feelings with kindred souls.

I have been privileged. The people and life styles of our American War for Independence have had a pull upon me for most of my life. This pull has translated into extensive research and into my becoming a reenactor and historical interpreter. In this alternate role I join many other Daughters who have chosen to portray accurately the events of our country’s past. I have learned the lifestyles and skills of our ancestors and have been able to advance that knowledge of domestic and military activity and impart it to young and old alike. This interest and study has encompassed areas of heritage, traditions and skills. This has been a personal commitment.

And what better venues for transmitting this love of country and knowledge and pride in our forebears than in the multiplicity of opportunities for communication as a Daughter?

Communication - all the research and knowledge in the world is worthless unless it is shared. Thus as Daughters we share our heritage, and keep alive the sacrifices of the past. This 18th century woman, (indeed that is exactly what I call myself), has taken advantage of the communication possibilities of the present and the future. In my studio, next to my spinning wheel, needlework tools, flax, raw wool and silk, are a computer, a scanner, and a fax machine. These are my tools of communication and have made connections with Daughters, and those who would be Daughters, across this vast nation.

Although loyalty and devotion goes first to our chapters and state societies, in reality today’s Daughters of the American Revolution are not confined to boundaries of time nor space. What a wonder to pass along information and possibilities without constraint. What a wonder to learn of those things to which Chapters and Daughters all over the world have devoted time,talent, and money, and to share their pride in their accomplishments. What a wonder to feel that they are not strangers, but friends that we have yet to meet.

Yes, I am also a Daughter of the present and for the future. In working with young people and children I see the light of understanding and caring in their young eyes. I see the hope for tomorrow and the promise of the future. As we make small sacrifices for those veterans whose sacrifices are often unimaginable, I am witness to a love of country beyond all personal considerations - I am humbled.

Each year, as the flag unfurls over Continental Congress; we stand with hands over our hearts and moist eyes uplifted. In this single moment we seem to achieve a renewal of faith and the courage to continue the work and the devotion that is DAR. In these beautiful buildings is a legacy for the future and I can truthfully and pridefully say that I have been and will be a part of this continuum, as will my daughters, and if God wills, their daughters and granddaughters as well.

I am blessed, I am a Patriot and I am a Daughter.