Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here I Am Again

It's been a while, I know. This old lady has been busy, and procrastinating, and not really sure what direction she wants to take. She finds herself deciding to take advantage of all the writing, research and odds and ends that she has been up to for too many decades and so - what's coming???

A potpouri of thought, opinion, search and research, starting tomorrow at the crack of dawn!

Well darn it all, why wait? Lets start with a recent try at something old and new at the same time - Once upon a time I painted - art, varying subjects in oils - (one of my sons says he can still smell the turp and linseed). On the premise that an old dog can be taught new tricks - tried pencil sketching.

My mother's art supplies included six nice graphite pencils and a sketch book with a very faint outline of a seascape with lighthouse she had planned to start - I accepted the challenge and completed just the lighthouse and I was hooked. Exercise #2 was a female face and #3 my daughter, a ballroom dancer.

I never had worked with pencil but I will continue a bit more and then try my luck with acrylics which I never thought could take the place of oils. A challenge - please wish me luck!

Stay tuned - tomorrow will be a completely different subject.