Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not A Walk-About, but A Talk-A-Bout

If you looked at the title , and wondered if you had reached the wrong blog - it's still me. I have decided upon the new title and expanded thought area because it gives me more to talk about. Opinions available on any and all subjects, though I have listed in the heading some of my main interests. There is still a web page devoted entirely to the DAR Reenactors and Historical Interpreters, but there will be a plethora of other subject matter here as well.

To start off - I find it a matter of serious concern that so many cultural sites (museums, historical loations, etc.) have been answering their economic woes with the layoffs or cutting back of personnel. I know, times are difficult (we are told) and income is below expectation, but I cannot help but think that there might be more creative economies without jeopardizing the livelihood of so many, who certainly cannot, unemployed, be able to strengthen the spending base. Just an opinion.