Thursday, January 1, 2009

Introductions - 1st Series

INTRODUCTIONS -- the first in a series - -these are from a Massachusetts Chapter:

The following three are from Duxbury Chapter MDAR: Duxbury has a very diverse membership, varied in age, in occupations and in interests.

BARBARA is former Massachusetts State Historian as well as a Chapter Ex-Regent. She has held several Chapter Committee chairmanships, and State committee chairmanships. A re-enactor for more than 35 years, she has served with the 64th Regiment of Foot, Dedham Militia , Sudbury Company of Minute & Militia and the Royal Regiment of Artillery. She was an authenticity inspector and Coordinator of the artillery Park encampment at Yorktown Bicentennial. She now does first person interpretations of Known and Little-known Women of the Eighteenth Century and has edited a publication for re-enactors - Circle of the Rose (now out of print) and originated the 18cwoman, a Yahoo list server. The image posted on Sunday is Barbara as Abigail Adams in her elder years.
PATRICE currently serves as American Indian Chairman. A re-enactor for more than 30 years (on and off). She usually pops in and assists her mother, Barbara , as (among others) the daughter of Mrs. Sarah Brown and an unusual depiction of Mercy Otis Warren with Patrice as Mercy Otis Warren in her quinquagenarian years and Barbara as an octogenarian Mercy.
JOAN is a new member of DAR and is a storyteller and actress, a Creative Teaching Partner of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She depicts American women in a program series “Petticoat Adventures.” Her presentations include Deborah Sampson, Johanna Sears Burgess, Rachel Revere, and Louisa Catherine Adams.
. . . . . . . more to come . . . . . in Massachusetts and elsewhere . . . . . . . . .